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Why Women Need Men Who Challenge Them

Posted on 12. July 2012 11:45 by Admin

It’s easy to become defensive when you hear the word “Challenge.” Too often it’s associated with going into battle or drama. But to be challenged also means to be stimulated intellectually or to invite someone to do better. Unfortunately not many women meet men who challenge them in that way. For the past three decades women have been making huge strides financially and educationally. They read more than men, they graduate at a higher rate, they start more businesses, they travel more, and they purchase more homes. With so many advantages it makes you wonder, what do women need men for? The honest answer is, they don’t! I believe a man’s true value is not in being needed. In today’s society men should be more focused on being respected. But how can we as men demand respect when we aren't bringing anything unique to the table? Most mature women are financially stable; they have book sense, and hold down the household as single parents. Although a man’s help would be appreciated, for most established women, money and help with the kids is not a “NEED!” What mature and intelligent women long for is stimulating conversation with a real man who leads by example. As a young man I was told, “Nothing turns a woman on more than watching a man handle his business.” But just as a team is only as strong as it’s weakest link, a woman’s development is arrested when she’s not partnered with a man who offers the perspective of a strong man who she respects. My responsibility is to be that man to the women in my life and to the women whose lives I touch through my books, seminars, and radio program. I offer my perspective on relationships, business, social activism, living your dream, etc. It’s not about being right it’s about challenging women to see the world through the eyes…and mind...of a man. The challenge for us men is to gain more knowledge and insight through reading, traveling, and listening, to broaden our perspective so that intelligent women respect our point of view enough to listen to what we have to say. To put it frankly, a woman can use a sex toy to give herself an orgasm but they’ll never create a device that can stimulate a woman’s mind like engaging in a conversation with a man of depth and intelligence. ~ Michael Baisden